A Collaborative Partnership

Between the Therapist & Client

Although most people are confused or angry at times, they generally find a way to deal with the situation. There are times, however, when people lose hope, are overwhelmed by a situation, or have the same thing happen to them over and over. They decide, or others suggest, that they might use some help.

Sometimes, a woman or a man decides that they would like to adjust their lifestyle, question their gender, emphasize their spiritual nature more, or approach people differently. But they are not sure how to start doing that.

They may feel sad, empty, anxious, have trouble concentrating, being with people or keeping their focus at work.

Most of us handle those problems most of the time, but issues like these can also become some of the reasons why a person would seek Dr. Hill's particular style of caring and insightful therapy.

These are just a few examples of the opportunities or troubles that bring people to us. In psychotherapy, we share pain and hope, doubt and vision, and through such sharing, wounds can heal, or symptoms can diminish.

This sharing of pain, hope, doubt, and vision is generally done through talking but may also happen through periods of silent communion.

When we begin, you tell us your frustration or desire for change, and together, we evaluate various ways to realize the change you are considering. We may offer insight, identify patterns, or connect your current lifestyle to events that happened long ago. These insights, patterns, and stylistic observations may apply to you, to someone in your life, or to someone you work with.

Psychotherapy, in Dr. Hill's view, is a partnership between therapist and client that serves to bring about changes in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This collaborative partnership may give you tools to cope with specific problems, instigate an exploration of yourself and your potential, or enhance the meaningfulness of your life. Psychotherapy requires a commitment of time, money, and emotional energy and is almost never about quick and easy answers. It is hard work, and change is difficult, so it is important that you identify a therapist with whom you feel you can work.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Existentialist, Humanistic, Psychodynamic, or Spiritual focus can be helpful at times, according to Christian faith or other traditions.

Psychotherapy can help with a variety of issues, for example:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Life transitions
  • Job burnout
  • Trauma, abuse, and abandonment
  • Spectrum of neurodivergence
  • Spiritual expression and personal growth
  • Relationship problems in marriage, family, or work


I took special training in sleep management, CBTi, insomnia and well beyond.


Required Documents

Below are the five documents we need to receive before your first appointment.

The first three documents are for you (and maybe your partner or other family members participating in therapy) to fill out separately. The more detail you provide on these intake forms, the better the work can proceed.

The last two describe your Consent to Treatment and our commitment to Confidentiality per HIPAA requirements. Please read these carefully because you need to sign these forms, and you need to know the basic premise of our relationship.

  • Intake24
  • Symptoms24
  • DESscale
  • Consent24
  • HIPAA24

Please send the completed forms to Richard Hill, PhD by email or by surface mail to the address below.

Fee Payment Policy Accepts Insurance as Follows:

Medicare payments that include supplemental coverage are accepted as payment in full.

He also accepts other insurance companies, but he is not an in-network provider. That means that the insurance company will be sent a proper invoice promptly after the session, and the insurance will pay the insured directly whatever is due to them per the terms of their policy in effect at the time.

Clients who do not rely on Medicare pay the fee in full at the time of the session by way of credit card processing through Square.

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